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    ## Git – Keeping your code upto date!

    After cloning, we recommend creating a branch and doing your development on that branch:

    git checkout -b develop

    (assuming develop is the name of your branch)

    If the TAs push out an update to the assignment, you should commit (or stash if you are more comfortable with git) the changes that are unsaved in your repository:

    git commit -am "<some funny message>"

    Then update the master branch from remote:

    git fetch origin master

    This updates your local copy of the master branch. Now try to merge the master branch into your development branch:

    git merge master

    (assuming that you are on your development branch)

    While on your development branch you can also just run:

    git pull origin master

    which will perform a fetch and then a merge into the branch you are on.

    There are likely to be merge conflicts during this step. If so, first check which files are in conflict:

    git status

    The files in conflict are the ones that are “Not staged for commit”. Open these files using your favourite editor and look for lines containing <<<< and >>>>. Resolve conflicts in whatever way you deem best. You can use special software like [Sublime Merge]( to do so. Once you have resolved all conflicts, stage the files that were in conflict:

    git add -A .

    Finally, commit the new updates to your branch and continue developing:

    git commit -am "<funny message vilifying TAs for the update>"

    Support @QUE.COM

    // I cloned nitrous
    git clone
    cd nitrous
    //check branch
    git branch -a
    // Checkout branch for PESOS
    git checkout scotty_pesos

    //configured the server, tested.
    //created new branch scotty_pesos_v2 with all changes.
    git checkout -b scotty_pesos_v2

    //add my nitrous forked so I can update.
    git remote add nitrous

    git remote -v
    nitrous (fetch)
    nitrous (push)
    origin (fetch)
    origin (push)

    // upload new branch to my forked.
    git push –set-upstream nitrous scotty_pesos_v2

    //continue updating new forked e.g., scotty_pesos_v2

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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