From Dunks to Drop Tests, How Durable is Your Smartphone?

Dropping your smartphones on concrete, in swimming pools and even in the toilet leads to astronomical repair charges. According to a study from SquareTrade, broken and damaged iPhones have cost Americans $5.9 billion since their introduction in 2007. That’s a lot of cracked screens eating up our budgets.

Smartphone manufacturers are finally starting to take into account our clumsiness and releasing more durable devices that can withstand drops and spills. That can mean keeping more money in our pocket and less on fixing our cracked screens. But how durable is your smartphone? Here’s a look at dunks and drop tests to find out.

The LG6 held up against most tests that CNET ran to see what would shatter this smartphone. Small hairline fractures and nicks ensued from various drops including one at eye level. But it wasn’t until they dropped the smartphone from nearly 6-feet high that the LG G6 finally shattered. As far as simple drops and spills, the LG G6 held up well and proved a durable option. Even better, the LG G6 is water resistant and holds up against splashes and spills.

iPhone X
Despite its high price tag hovering around $1,000, the iPhone X isn’t holding up against drop and durability tests. When CNET ran a drop test from just three feet high, part of the glass cracked and a second test leads to more fractures and fissures. The conclusion was the iPhone X was not really usable without a durable external case over it. However, the iPhone X did do well in submerged water where it survived for over 30-minutes.

iPhone 8 Plus
Although the iPhone X has been deemed the most breakable iPhone to date, the iPhone 8 is durable against drops and water. Forbes reported on how the iPhone 8 withstood drops and spills and were surprised by the results. Even with waist high drops, the iPhone 8 without a case just got a few dings and a cracked corner.

Meanwhile, Khristian Flohr from the site Unlock River lifted an iPhone 8 1,000 feet high with a drone and dropped it through the sky. Although it did crack the front and back, the iPhone 8 was surprisingly still functional. The iPhone 8 can also be submerged in three feet of water for up to 30 minutes and still work just fine afterward. That should cover users from accidental spills with enough time to recover them, even if they drop into the pool unnoticed.

Samsung Galaxy S7
SquareTrade ran a test on the Galaxy S7 and found it outlasted the iPhone after being submerged in water for over 30 minutes, but had muffled and distorted audio. On the downside, the phones proved more prone to breaking than some of its iPhone counterparts like the 6S. But that doesn’t mean the Galaxy S7 doesn’t hold up to shortfalls and splashes. It’s both durable and water resistant unless you’re going to go crazy and drop it off of a building, bounce it off the sidewalk and into the ocean. And just in case you were wondering, we recommend not doing that.

Galaxy Note X
Samsung released the Galaxy Note 8 with a much-anticipated durable aluminum and solid glass back panel. It also features a 6.3 inch OLED screen. And unlike some of its smartphone competitors, you can still use the S Pen to write on the screen even if it’s wet. The Galaxy Note X also held up well against drops at waist level with just minor scratches. Forbes reports that it cracked slightly in the corner when they dropped from above their heads straight to the concrete below.

With the exception of the iPhone X, today’s smartphones are more durable than you might initially give them credit for. But we still recommend keeping your smartphones firmly in hand and not to replicate any of these tests. Don’t try this at home, and just enjoy the peace of mind in knowing your smartphone is likely safe from minor drops and dunks.

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