GoDaddy Two-Step Authentication

If you have a domain name from GoDaddy one of the largest domain name registrar in the world. You need this additional information for you to secure your account.

GoDaddy called it as Two-Step Authentication (see attached picture), in information technology industry we simply call it as Two-Factor Authentication

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Two Factor Authentication
Some services uses a time-based smart cards that provides random six numbers every 60 seconds, and other services use your smart phones to receive random six numbers. For GoDaddy Two-Step Authentication is using your smartphone. This makes sense, you carry your smartphone everyday so no added apps or reading device for additional security to protect your account. I see the future of smartphone as a personal key to connect to your virtual world.

As of today, you can use your smartphone to surf the Internet, pay bills, connect with your family and friends through different social media, take pictures and become your primary photo album, and security.

Let’s go back to the topic e.g. Two Factor Authentication.

How to enable Two-Step Authentication using your GoDaddy Account?
Login to your GoDaddy account using your Customer number or email address, and your password.
Click on My Account.
In My Account, click Update Security Setting. Here you will see the Two-Step Authentication. Enable it, and the system will send you a verification code that will expire on a given time limit.

That’s all. You just added second layer of security to your GoDaddy Account.

Now every time you login to your account, you will be prompted to enter a Validation Code. As shown below.

I hope this article help you minimize risk of account exposure from malicious users.

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