Half of all Android devices vulnerable to installer hijacking attacks.

It’s time for you to upgrade your Android to the latest released. Patch this vulnerability (an instance of the exposure to a weakness) right away.

“A critical Android vulnerability that has been discovered over a year ago and responsibly disclosed to Google and other Android manufacturers can be exploited by attackers to trick users into downloading malicious apps from third-party stores.

Dubbed “Android Installer Hijacking” vulnerability, the flaw currently affects half of all Android users. When it was first discovered, it was present in nearly 90 percent of all Android installations.”

“Devices with Android version 4.3 may contain this vulnerability (it depends on the vendor). Devices with Android version 4.2 and earlier all have this vulnerability.
Android version 4.4 and later versions have fixed this flaw, so users are advised to update to one of these versions (if possible).”

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