How Advance Technology Today has Enriched Learning in Classroom

The importance of education and quality learning has increased over the years. The ways in which in which teaching methods have evolved is commendable. Today, teachers are trying to understand the student’s perspective, their ability to learn, etc. and devising methods in which knowledge is imparted to the young minds in a fun and comprehensive manner. For these ambitious teachers who want to make a good man and woman out of young boys and girls, technology has played a very important role.

Whether its teachings of a public school or private tuition, technology as a method of learning is being used everywhere. Teachers and parents understand that the new generation is of the digital age and thus tablets, smartphones, laptops, and other devices can be used in an effective manner to teach kids the basic concepts of various subjects and also as a medium to develop their interest in studies and finding their passion for the future. Technology has enriched learning in classrooms as well as outside and will be continuing to do so in the coming years.

Video Streaming

The attention span of students is not much and it can be even shorter when they have to read from a textbook with small fonts and basic colors. Lately, videos and presentation are being used by teachers all over the world. Finding easy and fun videos which complement the teachers’ lessons make sure that students understand the topic. Pictures can say a thousand words and when a teacher uses videos and catchy presentations to teach, students learn.

Social Media

Many teachers and parents worry that social media is a medium of distraction for students. However, it is also being used to teach them as well. Instead of shying away from social media, teachers are now using websites such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. to create forums and discussions on the lessons taught. This way, students are now getting their doubts cleared easily and quickly while also giving them a platform to interact with other students. If social media is used in the right way, it can turn the whole education system around. And that is what it’s doing.


There are times when a student is not able to attend their classes because of some critical situations. In such cases blogging lessons can be a great aid to these students. Teachers and even students are now summarizing their lessons in a comprehensive and comprehensible manner and posting them as blogs on various blogging websites. Blogging lessons can help students around the world to understand the topic better. Moreover, students are also now using their tools and knowledge to blog lessons from their perspective and finding it a great way to check their progress.

Evaluating Students through Online Portfolios

There is a shift from paper based portfolios to online portfolios. These allow students to express creativity for difficult to assess subjects and demonstrate their growth in the subject. Teachers can choose the online portfolio from various providers which can be customized according to their classroom needs. These cost less and have a better reach to students and include variety of formats such as videos, music, and other features. They have proved to enrich the learning of students and increased their involvement in lessons.

Imparting quality education from a young age is important. It shapes the students into a person with integrity and ambition. Like most sectors, even the education sector is changing and embarking a new journey. Knowledge is now much more than what is taught in classrooms and learning is not the same anymore. Students are now getting better reach and a platform to showcase their growth. And all this was possible all thanks to the technology based learning!


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