How can technology help to create a global business?

As technology grows – with change happening on a daily basis – there’s bound to be an impact on the day to day running of a business. From sorting retail stock to cloud storage, opportunities globally have become more accessible with the help from tools such as communication software. Here are just some of the ways technology can be used to help create a global business.

International calls

Business communication has changed dramatically. It’s improved in quality and in the number of people able to easily – and affordably – access this. Long are the days of fuzzy, static video pictures and incoherent phone lines. With the help from programs such as Skype and Google Hangout, making international calls has never been easier. This will help grow your global business as you won’t be stuck to email for communication but don’t need to pay for expensive transport and accommodation so you’ll be able to build business relationships without having to step off a plane each time for a meeting.

Global inventory trackers

There is plenty of software designed to make your business output more streamlined. Keep on top of your inventory with an automated system that’ll allow you to see what your customers are buying and it’ll produce financial reports to help you evaluate your operation. These trackers will also let you tailor each product’s profile and you’ll be able to restock at the touch of a button. This reduces the chance for human error, while giving you one structured place to go to for items that have be returned and sent out.

Cloud storage and computing

When it comes to building your global empire you may have employees working remotely across the world. With this, it can be beneficial to have a safe place for your employees to store and access work wherever and whenever they wish to. Cloud storage is key to connecting this sort of approach.

3D printing

With the ability to produce items from anywhere, this revolutionary manufacturing type
means you can essentially cut out the middleman. Making your own parts and components means you can trail new prototypes of your stock. It also means you can produce tailor made packaging so you’re able to create a worldwide brand identity.


With more and more business choosing to go cashless (the ability to use contactless payments is in effect in most stores within the UK) mobile banking and payments are increasingly commonplace. Adapting your business to accommodate for smart pay (such as Apple Pay) can help to cater for customers effectively and safely and – as fintech spreads across the globe – futureproof your business for the continued spread of technology.

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