How to be recognized by increasing visual appeal of your products?

You may offer the best products and services in the entire visible universe, but no one will shop from your store unless you can put up the right signs. If there’s a flash sale, you need to tell your customers, if you are changing your layouts, you need to tell that too. Basically, you need your online store to be interactive and informative. And you need to put up signs everywhere that will direct your target customers to your store.

If you are sitting and nodding your head because you already know, this and your sales are quite steady. But let’s ask you this, do you know where your sales will be two weeks from now? Are you sure it will be climbing steadily or at least stay where it is?

You may think it’s a trick question since we keep hearing “sales are unpredictable”. But you can always predict which way the line on the graph will go once you have a grip on your marketing plans, your promotional campaigns and your advertisement placements. You should know how to attract your customers on different platforms. And this is indeed easier said than done.

Here are 10 points that will help you make strong impressions on your customers at the first visual encounter –

  1. Create a face for your products – Use the same brand logo for all your campaigns. The way 4 ceiling rings always remind us of Audi, your logo should always remind people of your brand. Creating a good logo takes a lot of time and creativity. It can be a graphical representation of your name like KFC or you can use salient symbols like the golden arches of McDonald’s. At the end of the day, those color combinations should subconsciously create an impact on your customers.
  2. Use original photos – Using stock photos may seem like a great money-saving option for you right now, but this will come to bite you in the sales in the future. Your photos should be unique just like your product. They should act as identifiers of products for your customers.
  3. Be visible – This is a must for all land-based stores. If you want customers to walk into your stores to buy your products, you need to make yourself visible. Inns and motels do that by employing glow signs beside the highways and it works great for them. But you will definitely need a touch of sophistication. Digital signage templates are a great way to invest your money for better sales and footfall. You need tasteful, attractive signage that prompts potential customers to come in and try your products.
  4. Describe your products – Being a little “wordy” won’t harm your products as long as you are not being biased. Make sure not to copy other websites. Create unique, riveting content that even you would be interested to read. Spinning new content every day can be a little tiring, so investing on a good content team or a good content tool is not a bad idea. Using good quality content is a very effective way to earn brownie points from Google as well.
  5. What about fonts and colors? Font is very important to convey the right message to your customer. Choosing the wrong font is the primary component of recipe for disasters. If you are facing problems with footfalls (both online and land-based), you can change the way your store looks by simply changing the fonts a little bit. You can select pastel shades for the background and stick to simple black text and system fonts.
  6. What’s the secret behind the right color choices? While red can be the color of romance for many, if you are selling defense gear online you may want to stay away from red. This is a very gross example but, if you want to find out what works best for your website, but you don’t have the money for a professional analyst, you can try this. Switch colors of call-to- action buttons and menu options from time to time and see how your visitors react. Color is a very important factor of visual recognition, so be sure to stick to one color palette that works best for your sales.
  7. Visual content for websites and e-stores – Images can contribute to over 180% more engagement and 94% more viewing rate. So focus more on infographics, memes, videos and presentations before you start filling your website with text. If your product is salient, make sure you think of a salient way to talk about it on your website and social media.
  8. Use e-advertising – Print advertising is on the decline. From millennials to baby boomers, everyone is online nowadays. So, your focal grounds for ad campaigns should be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest where people will notice you. Print ads cost more and yield lesser ROI, if you want maximum impact go with online advertising.
  9. Interact with your customers – The greatest way to create an impact on your customers is to interact with them in real life. For example, if you are a bakery store, you can hold baking competitions or a fair where people can be a part of your entire brand experience. You can even sponsor events. This is a great way to be remembered as a part of a social event.
  10. Study your competition – This is one thing most entrepreneurs forget to do after their businesses kick-start. You need to constantly monitor your competitors and see how their products are performing. If their products are doing great, you need to find out what is the factor that is driving their sales up. You need to learn from the previous mistakes of other brands as well. So, keep studying and keep working on your sales campaigns even though you might think you are doing great!

You need to understand your customer’s taste and psychology to market your products. If you fail to understand your consumer, you will have a hard time creating a visual impact even with the best product in town.

Author Bio: Charlie Brown is a prominent marketing personality. He is also a prolific blogger who recommends digital signage templates by as a great way to boost visibility of a brand. He hosts webinars and trains fresh entrepreneurs to be successful in business.


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