How to Foster an Inclusive Environment in the Workplace

Workplaces can be alienating, whether you are an employee or an employer. Each person in the workplace comes from a different background and has their own individual strengths and struggles, and this should be celebrated in an environment that supports this kind of individuality.

Encouraging a more inclusive and supportive environment shouldn’t have to be a challenge. In fact, if your employees or colleagues are good people, they should be in favor of this change and want to help you with the shift towards a more positive environment for everyone.

  1. Training for Everyone
    Everyone deserves the same access to education, even in the workplace. Undergoing some workplace training as a group, such as Six Sigma Portland, can help to forge your colleagues or employees together as a close team. It also offers everyone the same access to new techniques or strategies that you implement into the business; it can be isolating and disheartening to be one of few employees who have not received specific training and to, therefore, fall behind your peers.
    Group training encourages a team atmosphere and provides everyone with the same education, which creates an equal playing field.
  2. Reduce Unconscious Bias
    Unconscious bias is something that we are all guilty of because it has been ingrained into our subconscious by the society that we live in, but this does not mean we cannot do something to change this. We should all do our best to make sure we do not judge someone for their physical ability, race, ethnicity or any other naturally occurring factor.
    Hold seminars that inform your employees about the idea of unconscious bias, how it affects them and others in the workplace, and show them solutions to reduce their own unconscious bias.
    Simply being aware of the concept can help your employees to acknowledge and analyze their own biases and make changes for the better.
  3. Inclusive Facilities
    An inclusive atmosphere is essential for any workplace, but the physical workplace needs to be accessible as well.
    If your office space is at the top of a fair few flights of stairs, there also needs to be an elevator available for those with limited mobility, whether it’s a member of your staff or a visitor.
    You should also ensure that your office building has adequate disabled toilet facilities. This is crucial for providing the simplicity of everyday comfort.
  4. Listen to Your Employees or Coworkers
    Your employees or colleagues will have all come from different walks of life with their own different experiences. If they come to you with an issue about the inclusivity of your workplace, you need to listen to them and do everything in your power to resolve their issue.
    Genuine inclusivity includes care; listen to the feedback from the people you are making the office inclusive for.

Inclusiveness in the workplace is something that you should strive for to create a positive environment. It should not be a struggle to simply feel included at your place of work.

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