How to remove blog slug in WordPress Multisite installation?

Someone asked me on how to remove the blog “slug” in WordPress Multisite installation. This is easy to fix, no programming required.

When you search “remove blog slug” in WordPress plugins search. You will see two results as listed below:

  • Remove Blog Slug by HerrLlama for
  • R3DF Multisite Blog Slug Remover by R3DF

As of writing this article, my WordPress version is using the latest released 4.1.1. The cool thing about the WordPress management console, it will show you the date the plugins was last updated and if compatible with your version.

The “Remove Blog Slug” it was last updated 7 months ago … ouch. For testing purpose, I installed and activated to see if this will remove the “blog slug”. It failed to remove the “blog” slug. I deactivate and removed this plugin to my network.

Next, installed and activated R3DF Multisite Blog Slug Remover, last updated 4 days ago. It’s a success, no blog slug anymore.

Take note, the Remove Blog Slug downloaded 2,509 with five stars, while R3DF Multisite Blog Slug Remover just 15 downloads with zero star rating but they are up to date and it’s working.

Will monitor the performance and security.

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  • April 30, 2020 at 1:40 pm

    This is old. Keep your wordpress up to date, to minimize risk of being compromise.


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