HOWTO forward multiple emails at once in Gmail?

The forwarding multiple emails is not available using Gmail or G-suite but not to worry we have a solution for you.

Using Google Chrome (not in Incognito mode, it doesn’t work) add a plug-in called Multi Forward for Gmail by karan173, here’s the link. Click on “Add to Chrome” to install it.

Once you completed adding this add-on, you should be able to see the forwarding icon added to your Gmail.

  1. Select the emails you wan to forward.

Then add the recipient’s email address. Click Multi-Forward to proceed.

When it’s done. You will see a notice that “Message(s) Successfully Forwarded”.

I tried forwarding 50 and 100 messages, no problem at all. Sweet add-on to have on your Gmail or G-Suite accessing your email through Google Chrome.

Thank you for reading.


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