HOWTO uninstall Office 2016 – Error code 30180-4

I purchased a new Surface Pro 4 for our business and it comes with pre-installed MS Office 2016. I need to un-install the program because it is setup for 32 bit, so I can install my Office 365 lastest version of Office 2016 using 64 bits.

Purchasing a new Surface or Laptop comes with pre-installed for English, Spain and France of Office 2016 using 32 bits. I was able to un-installed the english version without any issue, but failed to un-install for es and fr version.

The error code 30180-4 doesn’t make any sense, it is about making sure that you have an internet connection :).

After checking the internet. I found a quick solution to fix this Office 2016 uninstall issue. I downloaded a quick fix tool at

Run the program, let it finish the installation process and reset your laptop/computer to complete the un-install.

Now I can install Office 2016 using 64 bit version.

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