Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Society

The idea of artificial intelligence has ultimately succeeded recently as it was thought to be a science of fiction over centuries. Thanks to the given breakthrough as the lined milestones in artificial intelligence can now be viewed to have undergone change over decades. Artificial intelligence can become more intelligent than any human being. People are no longer smart to control the planet, but they are assured to remain in power. In our society, the nature of work will be transformed by the collaborative technologies, robots and artificial intelligence. Furthermore, challenges in investing and directing in technologies benefit human rather than invading in their fundamental human rights, privacy, and access to information. Some of the impacts of artificial intelligence are discussed as follows:

  1. Changes in computing

Computers that become progressively smarter may lead to artificial intelligence due to advances in the sheer power of computers. The users of computers can be provided with the integrated services relevant to computing resources, and this can lead to virtual connectivity. Services such as the cloud can easily manage tasks, events and other activities. These cloud services which have developed to enhance transition right from physical experience to virtual reality experience. This can take place via simple devices interconnected with seamless connectivity. In this case, larger data pattern analysis can be done in the background. The society items will be equipped with communication and computing core.

  1. Changes in Surveillance

Law enforcement aided by the track, capture, and quarantine of victims who are capable of causing harm to the society can be handled in a smart way by the smart sensors, eavesdropping devices, and surveillance cameras. These devices have identity recognition systems that allow one to be tracked as the law takes its course. The users can integrate the logical world and the physical world to draw a conclusion. The advancement made in the business field will aid the consumer to be understood by the retailers by examining the behavioral patterns and its trends. Sharing of security function like intelligence techniques can be done in the organizations in virtual reality avatar.

  1. The social impact on society

The society will face the challenges of visualizing technologies that benefit humanity instead of intruding on their rights of privacy and access to information. The range of the current jobs will be supplanted by the artificial intelligence together with the robots, which have a higher capability to handle large tasks than the human. The artificial intelligence will replace the forms of jobs and the roles played by the professional such as the lawyers, doctors, and accountants in future. The types of employment will now change from being professional to being technicians who will service and repair the robots.

  1. Artificial intelligence and business

The nature of work that is transformed by the technologies, artificial intelligence and robots are subdivided into losers and winners. The artificial intelligence will aid judgments on potential consumers and about consumers to be made instantly. The intelligence will put cyber security and defense priorities at par. Global parity will be enhanced by the artificial intelligence and open source information. The future of artificial intelligence is bright and more content creation is expected to appear.

  1. Digital Representation

Artificial intelligence and digital technological aspects have purposed to alter the components of data. In this case, the components can be enhanced by the software which can transform these elements. The data can then be programmed as printing takes place in three dimensions. This data that is useful to the robots and can drive programmable tools and become an intelligent virtual assistant, which is helpful to improve artificial intelligence and can easily be manipulated and accessed anytime needed.

  1. Collaboration in Workspace

Artificial intelligence and new technological aspects that improve the way employees coordinate in an organization. The creation of software’s that directly organize and interlink the human activities in the organization aids in the attainment of the same goal. Due to artificial intelligence, in future, the places of work will still be an open office, but the users will be interconnected at distant places. The interconnection accompanied by the virtual conferencing and continuous connection. This will enhance remote working and enable easy access to resources, which are limited to attain specific goals and objectives of an organization.

  1. Automation

Advance in technology accompanied by the artificial intelligence system have occupied the position of human being. In this case, the traditional jobs have been rendered obsolete. Most employment in the future will be automated. People may not be able to compete with the machine as the machines can produce most fulfilling and satisfying manner. The advance in technology and artificial intelligence can offload routine tasks into automated assistants.


Shifts are being undertaken, and the society needs to be prepared to integrate these changes. The shifts are both technical and cultural changes. Devices and machines have just realized their superiority! This means that human will be slaves of machines. Self-driven surveillance systems will just be interesting. The new forms of jobs titles that will emerge pushing the world to the next level.

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