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This is a simple tutorial on how you can purchase, install SSL Certificate and Manage SSL for your site through web hosting service. This is a similar approach with other web hosting service provider.

We need to complete three (3) Steps as listed below.

  1. You must create or purchase a web certificate (SSL) for your website. For example, you need to encrypt the session between the client to the web server to prevent malicious users “man in the middle” attack and provide privacy while surfing through your website. You can purchase the Standard SSL or Premium SSL web certificate. The Standard SSL should be ok for most website, but if you want additional credibility, warranty, DNSSEC to secure your DNS, and other add-on get the Premium SSL. Once your purchase a web certificate, they will verify the ownership of the domain name so you must double check all the data in the enrollment form e.g. email address, business address, etc. Then wait for the approval and instruction to download your SSL Certificate.
  2. Once the SSL Certificate is approved, you need to download it. Go to login using your account, click SSL & Security, My SSL Certificates, click SSL Certificates, click Manage, click Download. In Download Certificate, you need to select your Server Type most likely it is Apache (or maybe IIS for Windows Server), then Download Zip File.
  3. Let’s Install. Extract the downloaded zip file, you will use it to upload via cPanel. Go to Manage the server where you will apply the SSL Certificate, go to cPanel, click Manage, ignore the certificate error click continue. In cPanel Security, click SSL/TLS, click Certificates (CRT) to upload. Use the browse to upload the cert file, select the file and click Upload Certificate. You will see the new SSL Certificate, check the Expiration date. Return to SSL Manager (SSL/TLS), click Install and Manage SSL for your site (HTTPS) Manage SSL Sites. In Domain, select your domain name, click Autofill by Domain, then click Install Certificate. It’s done, check your website to see if you’re using the updated SSL certificate, check the expiration date.

That’s all. Have fun.

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