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Would you like to know your Internet download and upload speed? Thanks to Google you can easily check it out.

01. All you have to do is search using the keyword “speedtest” in Google page. You should see something similar as shown below.

02. In google search results, you will see other alternative speed test but the first one is the recommended tool to use. No click bait or sponsors will pop-up. Simply click on “RUN SPEED TEST” to start testing your Internet download and upload speed.

03. In my home network, this is my internet results. If you try to run speedtest again you might get a different results depending on traffics that goes in and out of your network.

You think my internet bandwidth 183.5 download and 246.4 upload is very fast according to the results as shown above. In paper, I actually paid 1Gbit for download and upload so I’m only getting roughly 20% of the service. When I’ve talked to customer service, the representative told me due to hops from my telecom to my router, to my wireless then to my workstation.

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So, I tried connecting my laptop to the router to isolate my internal network hops e.g. from the router, to the wireless, that goes to my laptop. The results is twice which is 495 download and 375 upload, not bad but not also great compare to the advertise 1Gb download/upload.

So check your home internet bandwidth (download and upload). It’s easy, be done in under 2 minutes.

Alternative tools.

Bing also provide a similar approach. In Bing search field, type “speedtest” then press [Enter] to search.

Now, click on Start to begin checking your Internet Bandwidth Download and Upload.

After 2 minutes or less, here’s my result.

From I stop using the service, there are too much advertising popping up, see screen captured below. You will see 4 advertisements surrounding the “GO” button to test your internet bandwidth.

Of course, there are some speedtest tools available out there but Google SpeedTest is just simple and easy to use to test your home Internet bandwidth. I actually use this tool to check my work Internet bandwidth.

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