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Manage your business, not your E-mail. We provides reliable uptime, global scalability, and world class security powered by Google Apps. Doing business in the computing cloud means you’re always current – no more maintenance, upgrades, security patches or hassles. You can re-allocate your in-house IT to other productive projects.

Got your email @KING.NET? Please go to to login to your email address, password and your pin. For your email security, it is highly recommended that you enable the Two-Factor Authentication to access your email.

Your email is accessible using the following:

  • Any modern internet browser e.g. Internet Explorer (IE), Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and others.
  • Smart Phones e.g. iPhone, Android, etc.

Examples of Email Addresses to register: Please note email address @KING.NET is a premium identity for very important person like yourself. You can only get your own email @KING.NEt here. Some example of premium email address using @KING.NET

  • and of course your own Name@KING.NET

DISCLAIMER: We don’t allow registration of email addresses with the following criteria.

  • Trademarks or Servicemarks
  • Country Names
  • Hates/Offensive keywords
  • Adults

Pricing for Premium KING.NET Email Address:

  • $950.00 per year.
  • $1800.00 per 2 years.
  • Multiple years 5 or 10 years, please send us email.

Paypal will securely process your payment. We don’t keep our customer’s credit card information. Once payment is confirmed, your premium email address @KING.NET will be ready for you.

Got a questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us or send email to EM @KING.NET.

Thank you.

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