Office365 can’t share a calendar.

I’m still working with Microsoft customer service on how to resolve the issue of sharing calendar. Please see the attached captured image for.

If you experienced the same issue and able to resolve it, please share your solution.

Thank you in advance.

Update 1:

I logged in to (or short URL), click the Resource Downloads link, and use option2 “Set up and configure your Office desktop apps”. This will show you the number of important updates that you might need for your workstation. If you’re up to date, you will not see anything here. In my case, I have 14Mb of update for Microsoft Outlook 2010 (Outlook). Hopefully, this update will correct this Outlook Calendar sharing issue.

Answer. This does not solve the calendar sharing issue.

Update 2:

I will try this suggestion.

1. Click Start > Control Panel > Programs and Features.

2. Click the Office program you want to repair, and then click Change.

3. Click Repair > Continue. You might need to restart your computer after the repair is complete.

Answer. This does not solve the calendar sharing issue.  No luck so far.

Update 3:

I also tried this suggestion by Microsoft Office365 support, but still no luck.

“when you share the calendar in outlook, search for the contacts in Global Address List then select them that way. Don’t try the email address.
Try this step and let me know”

Problem Solved!

The previous Exchange Administrator forget to update the DNS CNAME record for “Autodiscover”. So to fix the problem I added the CNAME record for autodiscover.

For CNAME record example: CNAME to


I’ve used the website, click the Office365 tab select the “Outlook Anywhere (RPC over HTTP)“, click Next to continue.

In the Remote Connectivity Analyzer, enter your email address and password to “Use Autodiscover to detect server settings“, verify, and click Perform Test.

It takes a few seconds (between 10-20 seconds) to give you a result.

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