Online Tools to Scan your Website Security for Vulnerabilities and Malware

Still worried about your website security? Knowing that you already applied the security patches (latest released) of your content management system. Paranoid of recent Equifax data breach epic fail? How do you check if you’re website is up to date and protected against malicious user?

Here are some free online tools that you can use to scan your website security for Vulnerabilities and Malware. Assuming you already applied security patches on your web server.

SECURI is a free website malware and security scanner. I prefer to use their service because they are specialized in content management system (CMS) e.g. WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and others.

Testing our website that runs on WordPress CMS. Here’s the results.

I don’t have to worry about the “Website Firewall” medium risk. This is another layer of security that I can implement if I want to, but will be ok without it.

Clicking the Website Details tab will provide me additional result of my contents and links.

And lastly, the Blacklist Status. That’s expected with our website, always clean. 🙂

I also use SSL Labs online testing for website’s certificate and configuration. According to their website the “service performs a deep analysis of the configuration of any SSL web server on the public internet“. I simply enter, and click Submit to test it. Here’s the results.

They provide detailed analysis of your website digital certificate, it’s fun to read. 🙂

Web Inspector. Inspect. Dectect. Protect. I run it for website.

And here’s the result. All in green checked! Excellent!

QUTTERA also provide a free online scan website service. When I enter my website, it took a while to finish the scan and downloaded 81 files. The position in queue is 22 in progress …

I did not complete the scanning, taking a while to finish so I was not able to see the result. Maybe I will check them again some other time.

The three results should be ok for my website scans for vulnerabilities and malware. If you want more website test, here some of the free online tool that you can use.

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Thank you.

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