Oxford Scientists Have an AI That Can Read Your Lips

“Lip reading is a way of understanding speech by interpreting a person’s lip movement. However, human speech is highly complex and nuanced, where one lip movement could correspond to different phonemes, or basic units of sound. Therefore, the practice is prone to errors, which can sometimes lead to humorous results.

Scientists from Oxford University have described an artificial intelligence system, called LipNet, which can accurately read lips. The system employs deep learning to train itself using 29,000 three-second-long videos labeled with captions.” continue reading at Futurism.com website.

According to OpenAI’s Jack Clark, getting this to work in the real world will take three major improvements: a large amount of video of people speaking in real-world situations, getting the AI to be capable of reading lips from multiple angles, and varying the kinds of phrases the AI can predict.

Image by geralt pixabay

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