Question of the day. How many sources of income do you have right now?

Let me start and you can share your story by commenting below.

I have a full time job that support my family and covers my family health insurance.
I have a domain name registration site that provides passive income.
I have some blogs/websites that provides passive income. Not great but it is an income, close to $200 per month.
I parked domain names close to 750-1000 that generates around $150-$300 per month.
I just started an e-commerce site that sells outdoor products e.g. Que Solar Charger, Cooking Thermometer, and some still in progress.
I buy and sell domain names for profit or to support our products/services.
And as a Domain Broker.

Still not enough to retire. Now it’s your turn.

To add in your morning tasks today, here are some domain properties available for sale. Please don’t hesitate to send email if you have any interest.

Domain Listing:

  1. $3500 a perfect timing of newsletter today. It was registered since 1999
  2. $1750
  3. $2500
  4. $1750 a surname
  5. $8500 retune your business name today.
  6. $10,000 GEO domain name.
  7. $3200 for virtual reality
  8. $3500 brandable domain properties.
  9. $2750
  10. $1000 If your in IT business you got to love this domain property.

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