Recovery for U.S. Virgin Islands. You can help.

The website provided us details of what happens in the U.S. Virgin Islands.
“Even as Hurricane Irma was bringing its might to bear on the west coast of Florida, there was one thing that could not be buried by the immense storm’s winds: all the wreckage those winds have made of the Caribbean.

From Antigua to Cuba, the string of small islands so often considered tourist paradises endured the hellish brunt of a Category 5 hurricane.” from website.

A video shows in stark terms just what is left now: roofs torn off houses, trees uprooted, whole neighborhoods turned into rubble under the weight of the storm.

You can help like Tim Duncan, a former NBA Player, Mr. Fundamental of Basketball, MVP, NBA Champions, born and grew up in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

“I know not everyone can give, and that’s O.K. — after all, a lot of you just got done giving financial support to the victims of Hurricane Harvey and the fires on the West Coast. But if you’re able, here’s what I can promise: Every dollar donated will go directly to relief efforts on the ground. Starting as soon as the weather permits, I’ll be chartering an airplane full of supplies from San Antonio to St. Croix, the biggest town in the Virgin Islands. And I’m already busy putting together a team — some from the Virgin Islands and some who will fly in from elsewhere — to help manage the relief effort.

To join my effort, go to my Virgin Islands Hurricane Relief Page here.

I will match your financial donations up to the first $1 million. I’ve just started things off with my initial $250,000 contribution.Tim Duncan

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