Robinhood breach affects 7M-plus users

Trading platform Robinhood said Monday that personal information for more than 7 million customers was accessed during a data breach on November 3rd. The company said in a news release that it does not appear that Social Security numbers, bank account numbers, or debit card numbers were exposed, and no customers have had “financial loss” due to the incident.

An unauthorized third party “socially engineered a customer support employee by phone,” Robinhood said, and was able to access its customer support systems. The attacker was able to get a list of email addresses for approximately 5 million people and full names for a separate group of 2 million people.

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Why zero trust is the way forward for improved cybersecurity

The pandemic is poised to leave a lasting impact across the global business landscape: namely, our overall mentality around work and the booming increase in remote operations across both the public and private sectors. Most employees are now working from home, and are oftentimes accessing sensitive company information from unsecure networks. More recently, there has been extra pressure on cyber defense in the United States as some of its largest organizations across the country have fallen victim to some form of a security breach.

This boom in ransomware attacks has coincided with a fast-moving remote work shift, with more than 304 million attempts taking place in 2020 with a current average of about 7 per hour in 2021.

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Hacks likely underreported, UK security expert says

Public reports of computer-linked crimes are soaring thanks to a huge rise in data breaches, even as prosecutions against Computer Misuse Act offenders slump.

The Crime Survey for England and Wales said it recorded 1.8 million computer misuse offences in the 12 months ending June 2021, matching the number it recorded in 2017.

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Five reasons why cybersecurity is a great career for military veterans

America is fighting a war on an invisible front, and we need skilled and motivated professionals to protect us.

Experts predict that global cybercrime damages will reach $6 trillion in 2021, nearly double the amount from 2015.

October was Cybersecurity Awareness Month, but it is still a great time now to educate employees about the dangers of cyber-attacks, and to spotlight the growing field of cybersecurity.

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Efficient Management of a Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure

Hybrid cloud is the new buzzword and is becoming overtly popular among tech companies. A hybrid cloud has gained popularity as it provides enterprises with additional flexibility and data deployment options. To put it broadly, it is a computing environment coordinating between a third-party public cloud and a local private cloud.

A hybrid cloud makes it possible for enterprises to transfer workloads between resources according to the needs of the costs and businesses. According to a recent report, the global end-user expenditure on public cloud services is expected to exceed $480 Billion by next year. New trends in cloud computing are continuing to expand the breadth of cloud offerings and capabilities, accelerating growth across all segments in the cloud services market.

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