Robot.Guru new web address to enhance online reputation.

The amateur robotics website now is using a descriptive domain name http://Robot.Guru thanks to the availability of new domain name extension dot Guru. Read this article to know more about it. Custom build a web address to enhance your online reputation.

Robot.Guru is a web properties of KING.NET – Moscom LLC, a network of innovation – Robotic Innovation and Experiment is a personal website, all about robotics innovation.

Our Mission is to improve user experience through robotics innovation and experiment.

Check out the Robot.Guru projects here.

When I’m not working with my robots. I play Call of Duty online games using a gaming tag “KING dot NET“. I prefer the Der Riese map currently at round 44. My goal is to reach 50+ rounds. And I love food, sometimes posting it at website to share the food I love.

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Thank you.

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