Snapchat CEO Said “This App is Only for Rich People”

“Snapchat CEO Said “This App is Only for Rich People” Ex-Employee Alleges.” “This app is only for rich people,” Spiegel said, according to Pompliano. “I don’t want to expand into poor countries like India and Spain.” (2017,

This comment validated that I don’t need a snapchat app added to my social network tools. I have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google Plus, that’s more than enough marketing tools to keep. The CEO Evan Spiegel simply help me decide not to use Snapchat app because I am not rich. Well, it’s a done deal.

I guess it makes sense for Evan Spiegel to make this statement to support their advertisers, it’s just business. He think, he will not earn money from visitors coming from India, Spain and other poor countries.

Oh well … good luck to you.


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