How to create a STEEM Account for Steem Blockchain

Welcome to web page, where you can get your STEEM account so you can invest, blog and curate right away using the STEEM blockchain to earn rewards. A short list of ways to create a steem account.

REMEMBER: Losing your password key is losing your funds. Keep it safe.

  • For existing steem user, use SteemConnect where you can use your steem funds to create an account for your family or friends.
  • BlockTrades. A third-party tool that accepts Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, STEEM and more. Blocktrades charges its own small fee.
  • AnonSteem. A third-party tool that accepts Bitcoin, Litecoin and STEEM. AnonSteem also charges its own small fee.
  • Steem.Ninja. A third-party tool that accepts credit cards, PayPal, and Ethereum. Steem.Ninja charges its own small fee.
  • Sign up for free. If you can wait, go to website and register. You will be ask to provide your email and phone number to manually check that you’re a real person. This process could take 1-2 weeks.

And if you prefer to pay using Paypal, continue reading.

  1. Pay the account creation fee and administrative fee of 5 STEEM to @consultant or in equivalent ETH or USD amount, or pay using Paypal for 5 US$.
  2. Once the payment is completed. Continue fill up the form below with your Name, Email for us to send the login information and use Comment field to enter account name choices. For example, myfavoritedog or myfavoritecat. You need to do Step 1 first, otherwise your inquiry will be ignored.

PLEASE NOTE: We don’t accept Bitcoin because of long delay to confirm transaction and an expensive fees.

If you have any questions, please join us at Discord chat STEEM Account FAQ’s.

Why 5 STEEM fee for Account Creation? The creation of steem account is not free, Steemit pay the fees out of pocket to verify your phone, email address and account name. We only charge 2 STEEM for creation fees and the 3 STEEM goes to your account similar approach when you open a bank account. You need a minimum balance to keep it up and running. And you must protect your password. If you lost it, your account is gone. 


  • How to check if account is taken? A simple check go to, change “yehey” with your preferred name. If you see “Sorry! This page doesn’t exist.” most likely it is available.

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