website is officially NO downvotes and NO Ads.

We continuously promote a positive environment. So you won’t see the downvote button and advertising at website. You should upvote only the authors that deserve to receive the rewards. By doing that, the community together pushes beautiful contents on the trending page. 

Many minnows make mistakes when they join in that’s expected, some are intentional and some are not. We don’t downvote them for that mistake, they will learn while they continue to use the system. In time, they will produce good content and that’s good for our community.

There are some tools available to minimize this noise. You can use the “MUTE” feature (next to the FOLLOW button, located at upper-right corner of the website) to silence the offending user so you don’t see their post, comment, etc. In this way, you only see the good vibes of our community and stress free environment. 

There are also some third party accounts that are managed by a group, not individuals that maintain the sanity of the steem blockchain.

We are not here to fix all the current issues, instead provide alternative gateway that support our community for the last four years. We are here to stay.

Back to business, a few  projects in the pipeline. 

How can you help? Start using the website, introduce us to your network of friends. Word of mouth is an excellent advertising tool.

Use where no ads, no down votes allowed. Freedom of Speech for everyone, wherever you are, any topics, including politics and religion. Just having fun and enjoy life.

Keep steeming.

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