Proper Disposal of Electronic Devices

Why is it important to dispose of electronic devices safely? In addition to effectively securing sensitive information on electronic devices,

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HOWTO Step-by-step Guide to build your own condenser like social network.

Updated: September 15, 2018.  Step-by-step Guide on how to setup your own condenser like website. Please remember is not

Read more is a condenser website like List of other condenser sites and apps that you can trust.

I don’t post much about website so I guess it’s about time to share it again. is just another condenser

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HOWTO Reset Windows 10 Local Administrator account using Kali Linux Live USB

This is a simple hacking guide on how to reset your Windows 10 Pro local administrator. You will only need

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HOWTO Set an individual user’s password to never expire in Office365

Most organization have a policy to expire password after 90 days, commonly use in information security risk management to setup

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