The Difference Between Chatbot Metrics and Traditional Apps

Experts predict that chatbots will form the next platform for engagement between businesses and the consumers. Due to this, there is a need for developers to figure out appropriate methods that will establish the nascent technology’s success. This is because the metrics used in the measurement of apps engagements today including session length and daily active users are not very efficient when it comes to capturing chatbots’ unique conversational nature.

Take for example session length, their apps’ engagement measurement could prove to be quite misleading if used on chatbots because interactions might successfully conclude within a short time. Therefore, there is a need for established developers like Silvia to follow the metrics that prove to be more closely aligned with the nature of successful chatbot interactions. For instance, because only 40 percent of people engage with a chatbot just once, measuring and identifying engaged and active users make perfect sense.

In addition, since the industry is growing by the day, a lot of developers are still trying to come up with better solutions in an effort to optimize the experience of the users. Measuring the incidences that chatbots reply with ‘I do not understand’ or ‘confusion triggers’ can greatly assist developers to find out the friction areas that require instant addressing.

Looking forward, the need to have standardized metrics for chatbots measurement will be important because platforms and brands such as Messenger will start looking for ways to leverage the technology in a bid to drive monetization via ads. However, there is some good news. Developers are currently familiar with a variety of engagement measuring strategies thanks to the existence of app market. This implies that setting up a standardized metric for chatbots measuring will be faster compared to how it was for the apps.

The recent artificial intelligence advancements together with messaging apps proliferation are fuelling chatbots development. For example, software programs are now using messaging interfaces to perform a wide variety type of tasks such as weather reporting, helping users purchase things and scheduling meetings.

Businesses have started noticing the immersed potential and they are now heavily investing in the economy of chatbots. Several publishers and brands have deployed chatbots on their messaging platforms as well as on collaboration channels such as CNN, 1-800-Flowers, and HP. Although the chatbot revolution is currently in its early phase, experts predict that 2016 is the year that will see conversational interactions kick off.

A report has been compiled by professionals in the artificial intelligence industry. It tries to shade some light on the disruptive and growing landscape of chatbots by investigating chatbots in details, their future and the best way for businesses to leverage them. According to the reports, businesses should ensure that they get professional assistance from established companies like CenturySoft if they want high-quality bots.

Some major takeaways from the report include:

  • Artificial intelligence is now at a stage where chatbots use in human conversations is increasing by the day. This has allowed business to take advantage of the new technology in order to reach and engage with a wide range of consumers.
  • Compared to mobile apps, chatbots are more suited for mobile.
  • The ecosystem for chatbots is robust already and it encompasses a wide range of third party bots, native chatbots, enabling technology companies and distribution channels.
  • Chatbots could prove to be profitable for messaging apps as well as developers who create the platforms. This is just the same way as app stores and how they have turned out to become ecosystems for money making.

Generally, the full report will equip you with a lot of artificial intelligence related knowledge. Moreover, it clearly spells out the advantages and disadvantages of chatbots. Here you will learn all you need to know about this technology and get clarifications where you have doubts and misconceptions. Additionally, the report explains some of the ways businesses can utilize distribute and access content through chatbots. From the report, you will also learn more about the possible impacts of chatbots on your business. It also shades light on some of the potential blockades that could limit adoption, usage and the growth of chatbots.


There is a very significant difference between the metrics used to measure traditional apps and the ones that should be used on chatbots. Therefore, developers should consider discovering these unique metrics as soon as possible in order to ensure that the transition to chatbots usage takes place smoothly.

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