The Digital Thread in Manufacturing Environments

Industry 4.0

It is strategically imperative to secure smart production planning in an efficient manufacturing operation. Manual reporting opens up for mistakes that can easily be avoided when implementing these tools.

Thanks to smart manufacturing, we see the manufacturing industry turning into an economic powerhouse. Integrating digital tools that can capture information about how raw material moves through the process as well as inventory and that collects data for ultimate process optimization can prove vital for the company.

Tech solutions are there to support the production process. Adopting digital means for scaling manufacturing businesses will assist them in expanding further and protect the business from delays, deadstock, and failure to meet your customers’ expectations.

The underlying drive of a new generation

Millennials’ use of technology distinctly sets them apart from preceding generations. We are coming to a point where a significant portion of millennials are reaching an age where they are starting to transition into management positions. This will impact the way industries are run as it is a generation that is not only comfortable but innovative when using new technology as business tools compared to more senior employees.

The manufacturing industry is no exception. As businesses adopt emerging technologies it will transform the manufacturing environment as a whole. Digital transformation can be useful for large and small business owners. It will assist manufacturing processes when the business has to strategically implement solutions that will help run operations more smoothly.

It is becoming increasingly common to incorporate AI, robots and even cobots in manufacturing. Cobots have bridged the gap between a safe and more agile way of working next to their human colleagues compared to robots and in the future we are bound to see these solutions increase even in smaller companies. In addition, it is growing increasingly more common for manufacturing businesses to see the benefits of adding a web store or online presence to their existing channels.

Security’s role in digital transformation

Running a business in the internet era has opened up a whole world of benefits. Marketing, e-selling, and interaction with customers is at the fingertips of even the smallest business runner, opening the door to a field of opportunities to grow globally.

That said, mitigating risks when operating such an interconnected world is vital. Placing security at the forefront of your business plan can pay off in the long term. When operating online, the business becomes vulnerable to cyber attacks such as hacking and malware which can attempt to steal data of your customers and threaten to destabilize your business. Security breaches due to cyberattacks can be costly and reputably damaging and have catastrophic effects, which is why prevention is key.

Many small businesses are very savvy on social media and are raising their online profile successfully. Cybersecurity should be taken into account in any digital implementation of your business. You need to identify points of vulnerability and ensure that you are as secure as you can be online. If your
manufacturing business made a move to implement an e-commerce store, for example, getting an SSL certificate is a good first step in the right direction.

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