The .Top .Bid .Pw and other extensions listed most abused TLD.

If you need to register a domain name stick with the most commonly used domain name extension e.g. .com .net and .org extensions. Don’t reinvent the wheel naming your business domain name using other extension that nobody knows it will not help your advertisement campaign. Where to register a domain name? go to or or your favorite domain name registrar to get one today.

The most abused TLD according to ransonware tracker website are listed below. The .Top extension is listed on top with 803 domains.

“The chart below shows the most abused TLDs that are being used by miscreants to host Ransomware infrastructure, such as botnet C&Cs and payment sites. The chart only considers fraudulent domain registrations, which means domain names that have been registered by miscreants for the purpose of hosting Ransomware infrastructure. Hijacked websites are not included in the chart.” (2017, website)

Malware samples per Ransomware Family.

The chart below shows the number of malware samples per Ransomware family processed by Ransomware Tracker in the past 90 days.

How to protect your computer against this malicious programs.

  • Keep your computer up to date with the latest security patches. It’s easy to apply this patches, run Windows Security Updates for windows operating system or use Software Update if you’re using iMac computer.
  • Keep your anti-virus up to date. For Windows Operating Systems, Windows Defender is a free tool. Make sure it is running to keep your workstation secure.
  • Separate your standard user (least privilege) and administrator account. Use standard user account for daily use, and administrator for installation of software, updates, etc.
  • For other how to guide, visit this link.

Happy secure working environment.


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