Top Productivity Apps for the Self-Employed

It’s really easy to lose focus and experience distraction after distraction while self-employed. Yet it’s necessary to keep your focus and get in the zone if you’re going to achieve lasting success and productivity.

Thankfully there are many productivity apps available for us to take advantage of and keep us on track during the day. By using these apps to your advantage, you’ll discover new ways to stay productive, keep your focus, and experience positive and lucrative success during the workday.

Discovering today’s best productivity apps are more than worth it. That’s why we’re going to share our favorites with you right now. Use these suggestions to become even more productive than you’ve ever been.

Apps to Become More Productive When You First Start Your Day

How do you start your day to achieve the best levels of productivity? Do you keep a to-do list? Are you focused on your goals? Is morning meditation your thing?

Using personal task management and project management apps are a great way to stay focused and on task as you begin your workday. Todoist and Trello are excellent apps to help keep you on task and working on the most important projects that need to get done each day.

Features that many people typically enjoy with these apps include offline functionality, which lets you keep track of your important tasks whether you’re connected to the internet or not. Todoist has a Smart Scheduler which is really convenient and Trello has their Card Snooze feature which makes it simple to manage and organize overdue tasks.

As far as email is concerned, Newton is an excellent app that you’ll gladly make a part of your morning routine. It makes it easy to aggregate client emails and keep them together all in one place. This is perfect for remote workers looking to send and track emails from one convenient location. Plus, it has a function that lets you know if the email was read by the actual recipient, which is invaluable in a working environment when near instant feedback is a must.

According to MKE Software, you can “Save time and money with fully integrated custom reporting, point of sales, scheduling, time and attendance, kiosks, tracking, and more.” So if you can’t find the perfect morning app to meet your needs, custom app development is always an option to keep in mind.

Daily Productivity Resources to Keep You Moving throughout the Day

Staying focused on our most important tasks during the day is one area where the self- employed have a tendency to struggle. When life gets really hectic and the days begin to merge into weeks and you feel like you’ve accomplished nothing, it’s time to switch up your strategy and use today’s best technology to help you achieve a measure of focus.

FocusList is a personal favorite Pomodoro technique style app that allows you to set timers along with completing tasks. It’s a simple to-do list and timer app mashed up into one that really helps self-employed people keep their focus on the big picture as well as the individual task at hand.

If you have a tough time keeping your documents organized, it’s probably best to scan them and save them to organized folders on your hard drive. Scanbot is one app that will work wonders for document organization. This app makes it simpler than ever to scan documents directly into Evernote and other services. Or if you prefer, you can use it to scan your documents and convert them into PDF form.


For those self-employed entrepreneurs having a tough time achieving their productivity goals please use the apps suggested today because they will make a positive difference.

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