Top singleplayer and multiplayer gaming headset for less than $100

Those that want the absolute best quality sound for their gaming experience are ready to dish out large amounts of money. However, people that don’t have hundreds of dollars to spend on a pair of headsets or just don’t feel like it’s worth the investment can get cheaper solutions without them having to be terrible. It’s common misconception that cheap headphones and headsets are of bad quality just because they’re not incredibly pricey. If you just like to play a casual game now and then and aren’t that invested, you might as well go for a cheaper pair of headsets that will allow you to have fun without feeling bad for your wallet. You can think of this article as a to the best headsets in tows that won’t go over $100. Let’s begin and check out these top picks for a good deal.

HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset

This product is one of the most appreciated headsets that you can find, especially for a price under $100. It’s great because it offers the quality of top tier headsets without having to dig a massive hole in your savings. When it comes to how comfortable they are, they come with great padding that confuse you a bit, making you wonder why is this pair not more than $100. That being said, you can even enjoy it on the airplane thanks to its airplane adapter. It even comes with a little mesh bag that you can use to store other stuff like games.

You’ll be able to enjoy 7.1 surround sounds technology when it comes to this headset which is a lot more than what most are offering. If you’ve never played with 7.1 surround sound before you should know that it’s a completely different experience than regular stereo. The ear pads are made out of memory foam, making it extremely convenient to wear these bad boys for a long period of time. If for example you were to completely unplug from your troubles for an entire weekend and do nothing but play, this headset is not going to stop you thanks to how comfortable they are. This headset is great for listening to music too, not just playing games. It’s 15 KHz – 25 KHz frequency makes it so you can listen to music at high quality. The bass is pretty loud and all genres seem to sound quite good. The audio quality is definitely one of the headset’s strongest selling points.

PlayStation Gold Wireless Stereo

Don’t let the name fool you as these are not specific headsets for the PlayStation. Yes, they’re made with Sony’s gaming console in mind, but they’re compatible with your computer as well. They come with a guarantee of quality from one of the best manufacturers in the world. The design for the headset is also pretty cool, with a nice contrast between the black plastic and the blue material that protects your head during long use sessions. This headset also comes with 7.1 surround sound which makes it even better. It’s very important to be able to hear everything in proper space, so that games feel more authentic. Depending on what you’re playing, you will appreciate it a lot more if the sound is coming from the right place. That being said, these aren’t perfect. The issue that most people find with this headset is that they aren’t really adjustable. While other headsets allow you to adjust them as much as you want until they fit your head perfectly, this headset is pretty much a universal size so it means that you have to make sure or at least prey that they will fit you before you actually buy them. That’s quite an inconvenience that turns people away from this otherwise great headset that is both cheap and of good quality.

Turtle Beach Ear Force XO Pro

This headset really has a lot going on for it. Similar to how the previous model can be easily associated with Sony’s PlayStation console, this pair is pretty much made with Microsoft’s Xbox One console in mind. There are a lot of elements that point into that direction. For starters, the color palette uses black and a bright green which is reminiscent of the Xbox green. Furthermore, it comes with a microfone that makes it great for multiplayer gaming. Now you will be able to let the other players know what’s on your mind and you can also voice chat with your friends.

The headset also comes with a controller that can be used to issue commands for the headset like modifying the volume and what not. It’s a nifty little gadget that Xbox One users have already seen. The microphone that comes with the headset is great because it’s removable. What this means is that when you’re not actually gaming, you can put it aside and just enjoy a movie or music without the microphone being in the way. A lot of headsets are kept down by the fact that they come with a microphone that can’t detach. Obviously the microphone shows that the headset is meant for communication and that gaming and chatting are among the top priorities. People that want to use them for watching multimedia content for example might feel a little bit thrown off by this as they don’t really like the idea of using a headset that has a microphone on the side.

If you’re looking for some nice headsets that aren’t going to cost you a fortune you should definitely go for one of these options. Casual gaming doesn’t require the most expensive equipment for you to get the job done, meaning that you can afford the luxury of investing cheaper in this accommodation. Rest assured however that this is not drawn out of their quality. These headsets produce great sound for a great price, making them excellent candidates.

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