Unconditional Love by Camille Mendoza

This  is a birthday gift from Camille to Daddy.

A heart with the word “unconditional written on it …

You know the meaning of this picture very well and I believe in this beyond any doubt because you have always given me a father’s unconditional love.

Thank you for the constant forgiveness that you’ve given me time after time. You never hesitate to let our arguments go and forgive and forget. I know that is the true definition of forgiveness.

I know I’m stubborn, hard-headed, and tempermental … Sometimes I’m even rude or disrespectful. Forgive me for the attitude I’ll give you in the future. I simply can’t lose my personality everything I believe in goes against that, so I hope in the future you’ll still give me the love that I’ve needed so much. Sometimes, I don’t believe I deserve it.

I have nothing to do but thank you for everything you’ve done for me. I noticed that, this weekend, you’ve been doing a lot of giving despite the fact it’s your birthday. (ex. my laptop, kinect, new TV, money to our relatives …) Sometimes I feel that you’re unbelievably generous. I’ts your birthday, and I hope you enjoy it like you deserve.

Love, Camille

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