Verizon wants $1 billion discount after Yahoo privacy concerns

Watching the value of Yahoo decline over time is just amazing, well not so amazing to all the investors. In 2008, Yahoo rejected Microsoft bids of $44.6 Billion under CEO Jerry Yang. Fast forward 2016, Verizon is buying it for only $4.8 billion that’s a big chunk of discount, to make this deal even worst after the security and privacy concerns Verizon wants $1 Billion discount that will bring down the sale value of $3.8 billion. Ouch!

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It’s bad news for Yahoo. The company is in the midst of finalizing its sale to Verizon, but recent revelations about hacking and spying may be costing them a pretty penny. A story from the New York Post alleges that Verizon is now asking Yahoo for a hefty $1 billion discount to finalize what was supposed…

via Report: Verizon wants $1 billion discount after Yahoo privacy concerns — TechCrunch

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