WAR of the BOTS – a multiplayer game

I just started prototyping the WAR of the BOTS games, got some pictures to share of the game development.

The environment.

QUE.com War of the Bots pic04

sample scene.QUE.com War of the Bots pic03

and more.

QUE.com War of the Bots pic02

I will be using Amazon Web Services for back-end servers to provide all the features of the games from Leaderboard, Authentication, Messages to the players, text to voice, chat, etc.

Game Development Roadmap, to activate the following services and testing.

  • Authentication of users. New members will receive 10 PESOS Token added to their profile.
  • Leaderboard
  • Multiplayer
  • Spawn locations, randomly in many different locations in the map.
  • PESOS Token for rewards within the game.
  • and more updates to follow.

Game Logic. There will be a Green Zone for players to safely wonder the community when first joining the game. Going to the Red Zone is looking for trouble where the patrolling AI Bots will engage. When a players stay in the Red Zone, series of AI Bots will continue to attack ’till the intruders (players) are terminated or out of the Red Zone.

Rewards. The players will earn PESOS Token when they kill their enemies. The rewards can be use to purchase virtual goods to improve health, buy weapons, gears, etc.

Demo Games. Please wait for our next update, it will be available soon once the game servers are ready.

Things to remember. The official website is https://WARoftheBOTS.com or https://que.com/WARoftheBOTS web page. Where you can get an update.


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