50 selections of Web Content Management

If you are not happy with your current content management system (CMS) you are not alone.
Spending in this area is growing, with TechNavio’s analysts forecasting that the global Web Content Management Systems market to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 12.87 percent during 2012-2106. The increasing demand from small and medium-sized enterprises is said to be one of the key factors contributing to this growth.

The reasons for shopping for a new CMS are plenty. For starters, many organizations have simply evolved past their current CMSs, in terms of their expectations of what it can do for publishing content, personalizing end-user experiences, and analyzing and optimizing all the content they create and distribute.
What’s more, businesses paying attention to this developments in this space want to not only keep up with the digital Joneses, but they also know the rapid pace at which innovation is happening to make content management systems a portal for their entire digital existence.

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And here are the list of available CMS for you:

  1. WordPress.org
  2. Sitecore.net
  3. Joomla.org
  4. Drupal.org
  5. DNNSoftware.com
  6. Alfresco.com
  7. Adobe.com
  8. Ellislab.com
  9. Kentico.com
  10. Concrete5.org
  11. Liferay.com
  12. b2evolution.net
  13. EpiServer.com
  14. SiteFinity.com
  15. Clickability.com
  16. CMSmadesimple.org
  17. OneHippo.com
  18. Typo3.org
  19. BuildwithCraft.com
  20. Umbraco.com
  21. Django-cms.org
  22. Ektron.com
  23. OrchardProject.net
  24. OpenText.com
  25. Get-simple.info
  26. LightCMS.com
  27. Xoops.org
  28. Percussion.com
  29. Magnolia-cms.com
  30. Nuxeo.com
  31. ProcessWire.com
  32. BridgelineDigital.com
  33. EZ.no
  34. GetMura.com
  35. Elcomcms.com
  36. Composite.net
  37. SurrealCMS.com
  38. OpenCMS.com
  39. Pimcore.org
  40. Jahia.com
  41. CrownPeak.com
  42. AgilityCMS.com
  43. dotCMS.com
  44. BigTreeCMS.org
  45. Contentful.com
  46. ocPortal.com
  47. MoveableOnline.com
  48. Sageframe.com
  49. TidyCMS.com
  50. Ingeniux.com

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