What if 2-Factor Authentication is not working?

I’ve asked the questions because it seems Microsoft 2-Factor Authentication is not working at this time.

Issue started around 7:51am to 9:50am (November 19, 2018), still not working when I started writing this article so it is not available for hours.

I normally login using my mobile phone as my two-factor authentication to access my Office 365 services such as Email, OneDrive, SharePoint, and other services under my account. Two-Factor Authentication will feel you safe and secure against malicious users out there. For example, “A new phishing attack targeting Office 365 business email users” trying to fool you to login to a fake website, and not be one of the victims “32 Million Twitter accounts available for sale. Mandatory password reset to some Facebook and Netflix users.

Well today is a different story. I can’t pass my Two-Factor Authentication so I can’t login to my Office 365 account. I tried all the options I have using my Two-Factor Authentications

  • Approve a request on my Microsoft Authentication app
  • Use a verification code from my mobile app
  • Text +X XXXXXXXXX1 or
  • Call +X XXXXXXXXX1

None of them seems to work. All I have to do is wait for Microsoft to resolve this issue. This is the first time I have this issue with my Two-Factor Authentication since I moved year 2012 everything to the cloud, so still not bad.

But still disappointing service as we are use to have access to our information all the time.

Let’s wait how long Microsoft resolve this issue.

Update: 1:53 pm EST. I am able to received text and logged in to Office365, but other users still not receiving text.

The Microsoft Office 365 Status page posted this update. “We’ve applied some addition mitigation actions to implement some relief in the environment and have observed that a subset of authentication requests are completing successfully.



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