Why Business Women Should Wear Dancing Tights

Wearing dance tights need not be reserved only for professional dancers or those taking dance classes. There are good reasons for adding them to your “business attire” as well.

It’s true that the popularity of a pantyhose has declined over the decades (though a strong market for them still exists, especially as formal wear), but dancing tights could easily fulfill the purpose a pantyhose has without arising negative feelings many have about them.

But back to tights. Here are three good reasons why working women should invest in some high-quality dance tights and wear them regularly:

1. Comfort

One of the key reasons why dancers even wear tights to begin with is their inherent flexibility. Working women who are on the move all day long can certainly benefit from such flexibility as does the dancer in the midst of a performance.

Also consider that many tight materials, such as microfiber, are extremely soft on your skin. Some tights may be uncomfortable to wear, but high-end tights designed with professional dancers in mind are extremely comfortable.

2. Style

Tights can count as formal wear in many settings, including the business world. And at the same time, the dance tights can also be quite trendy and fun. The styles they come in are nearly endless, making it easy to find a unique look that fits well with both your job description and your personal taste.

Tights also cover your legs which makes them appropriate business attire. And however moot of an observation it may be, there are many business situations where “showing skin” would seem too informal or even disrespectful.

Finally, you will find that while black dance tights, perhaps, work best in most business occasions, there are many other colors and styles to choose from. You can easily find a good match for any outfit and don a different pair for every day of the week.

3. Health

Another reason dancers wear tights (besides looks and comfort) also applies for busy business women. Tights help improve blood circulation and injuries to veins/tendons while repeated dance moves put consistent pressures on the legs and feet. Dance tights provide just the right amount of compression to keep your blood flowing and encourage proper posture.

With well-fitted dance tights covering your legs, you will feel more alert and active. They will put a “dance step” into your “work step”.

Given the long hours that many women spend in offices and other business  environments, it is important pay attention to your health. When you are on your feet all the day, you want to keep the oxygen supply as plenteous as possible (and boosting blood circulation via dance tights does just that).


Business life involves many things, but one aspect you don’t want to ignore is outfitting yourself with the best wardrobe for the job. Wearing dance tights is a great way to combine fitting, formal style, maximum comfort and flexibility, good circulation and leg/foot health into one simple package.

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