@Yehey – Australia server is up to serve Steemian in Asia and Australia.

The first two zones (USA and Europe) are already up serving the steemian community across the globe. If you missed reading my network update, here’s the link:

I am proud to announce that another front-end server is now live at Sydney Australia data-center to serve the primary traffic in Australia and Asia. The new server will be added to Yehey’s Load Balancer and Distributed Network so your access to the STEEM blockchain is always ON and available 24×7.

A lot is going on behind the scenes, recently @steemitdev had announced big changes coming for 3rd party developers. Kudos to @drakos for sharing the stories to us. I was excited about this news, especially to “the ability to more easily load balance and manage connections”. This means, the future infrastructure of Yehey’s Distributed Network is connected to another layer of distributed network. I know, that’s makes my head spinning too 🙂 Continue reading it here.

Security | Security | Security. All Yehey.org servers are configured with SSL, the highest encryption possible allowed to encrypt your session from your computer to the STEEM blockchain. This is to protect your session against any prying eyes of a malicious users or related “man in the middle” attack. Automatic install of security patches when they become available.

Please keep in mind. Security is a responsibility of everyone. Before you login to any website, make sure you see the https in the beginning of the URL Address.

Our SSL digital certificates is configured to auto renew to keep our websites in good security posture.

All servers are protected against Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) in the network layers, not hitting our servers directly. In this way, we maintain the performance and availability of the website. Other security implementation was laid out here.

Just to be clear, Yehey.org Network of Servers does not archive STEEM users secret keys or password. We are using the same front-end website software (condenser) used by Steemit.com. The Steem developers will be able to confirm this with us or if you’re interested to check the code. It is Open Source, for more information visit the official website.

Non-technical explanation of Yehey.org Load Balancer with GEO routing.
If you live in Sydney or other part of Australia when you visit https://Yehey.org website, you will be connected to the nearest server. Basically bringing the server closer to you.

And if the server is busy or under maintenance, you will be redirected to another available servers closest to you.

Europe Zone.

And USA Zone. 

As of this time, our servers are under 2-3% CPU Utilization and 5% Memory usage. Plenty of room to accommodate your connections.

My Funding. I initiated this project using my hard earned money because I believe in this community, the STEEM blockchain, people and to all the nerdy behind the scenes. Moving forward I need your support to help pay these servers and recurring services. Excellent network, performance, availability and services comes with a high price to maintain. It will be easier to manage if everyone in our community are here to help.

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