5 Reasons to Use a Virtual Office in 2017

Guest Post by: Katrina Manning

The current economy stipulates that almost all businesses should minimize costs whilst increasing productivity. For some, this is not the case. But with the radical change in the digital era, businesses are thriving. With the rise of cloud computing and the sophisticated faster networks paired with unlimited bandwidth, new business solutions such as virtual office have come up to combat the harsh economy.

A virtual office is an office where an employer or an employee work remotely (from home, a café, literally anywhere in the world). It’s not necessary for anyone to step into the office premises to get work done. Management is also done remotely. Through use of network technologies, virtual office connections are possible and co-working is even better.

2017 has a lot to offer that can be used for productivity, and the following are reasons why you should embrace a virtual office.

The perfect way of going green

Everyone is bustling with new ideas of how to conserve the environment. The virtual office has taken this into consideration too. With a virtual office, papers are eliminated completely. This office offers a more environment-conserving solution by employing the power of technology.

Instead of papers, virtual offices use cloud services which are more efficient and less costly such as utilizing Google docs, Evernote, and online fax. The cloud also offers well-organized storage services, and this does away with files and other storage furniture needed in the office.

In addition, the virtual office integrates telecommuting in a broader scope and this contributes to going green. Workers will no longer travel to their office destinations, and this reduces environmentally-unfriendly emissions and also transport costs.

Lower operation costs

Mortar and brick business premises bundle a lot of costs, from the initial capital to office setup costs and also maintenance costs. With a virtual office, your 2017 will be a saving year since all costs are slashed down, you only need a cup of coffee when working from home. Apart from the structural cost pf a physical office, a virtual office also takes care of almost all office services.

Virtual office providers usually couple up the office with services like virtual customer care and receptionist, call services, provision of meeting space and simple services of forwarding and receiving mail. This should be a reliever for a business owner. You can get a prestigious address and a range of supporting services.

A virtual office will also eliminate or cut down some expenses for the employer. This includes insurance costs and overall overhead costs. With minimal costs and greater returns, an employee can afford pay rise for the workers and also have capital to invest in other business areas.

It’s a flexible business solution

With a virtual office, physical location is no longer a constraint.  Businesses can operate from anywhere else around the globe. Unlike physical offices, a virtual office provides the opportunity of trying different businesses with just a click. Changing business requirements is an easy task.

You don’t have to worry about needed equipment anymore since virtual employees use their own equipment and utilities. With total flexibility in virtual offices, downsizing or expansion costs are very minimal.

With the advent of telecommuting services and tools such as Trello and Skype, the virtual staff gets to also work from their convenient places and times. With the office being virtual, this means it has no closing hours and this encourages more productivity. Training of virtual staff is also simplified and can be done through a webinar via teleconferencing services.

Outsourcing benefits

A virtual office requires a virtual staff. For a new business, outsourcing business resources and processes is way more beneficial. To illustrate, if an employer has virtual employees, pension and social security expenses will not be incurred.

A business also gets qualified personnel at a lower cost depending on the country hence ease access to global talent. This is a better option as compared to hiring locally. Also by outsourcing work, various mundane tasks such as those of the admin are handled professionally and hence one can be focused on other areas.

With a virtual office, businesses realize greatly reduced outgoings which are a result outsourcing of non-core business processes. All that is needed is a third-party entity to oversee them in order to ensure efficiency.

For testing various businesses

Lastly, virtual offices can act as startups for businesses. i.e. businesses can run trials in a virtual office to see how a business will turn out. This is because businesses can minimize on capital investments and lesser risks are incurred in virtual offices.

Moreover, a business can grow its brand identity since establishing an online professional presence when you are virtual is easier as compared to physical premises. This is also good for local SEO.

Virtual offices are effective business solutions for minimizing costs and maximizing returns. They are also applicable in any business scenario and can better suit startup businesses.


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  • April 7, 2017 at 4:42 am

    Just something I want to add on here. I run a virtual office service in Singapore. I receive feedback from our clients regularly, and a lot of them say that they pick us over our competitors because of one reason: location. If you are an entrepreneur, then it is vital for you to have a premium address location. It just boosts the perceived value of your company when your prospects see that your office address is located in a prime area (like a business district), rather than a secluded area that people have hardly heard of (like certain industrial areas). Sure, the premium virtual office may cost more, but it’s worth having the higher perceived value in the long run. Hope this helps entrepreneurs make an informed decision before registering for a virtual office.


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