Security vulnerabilities: Important tools to scan your website

People across the world use internet on regular basis. It is necessary to secure your website, Blog for security Vulnerabilities, Viruses, Trojans and Online threats. Web security is one of the most tending talks in Information Technologies. Internet users are struggling to protect their online identity and security from many years, with the use of social media sites people put their Personal information more on Internet. So, it became necessary secure strong password and online identities there are many ways to protect your online identity few of them are here.

  • SUCURI: SUCURI offers website owner peace of mind and professional support. It is the most popular and free website malware and security scanner. It allows a quick test for Website blacklisting, Malware, Defacements and Injected SPAM. The website helps in cleaning and protecting your website from online threats. The website works on multiple website platforms like Joomla, word press, Drupal, Magento, PHP and etc. It can be said that SUCURI is the proactive approach to web security.
  • Scan My Server: The platform allows you to find the weakness in your web servers and websites and the best part is that it is free. The website provides most comprehensive reports of security test like Cross-site scripting, PHP code injection, SQL injection, Source disclosure, Blind SQL injection, Header Injection and much other Vulnerability. ScanMyServer allows website users easy access to comprehensive applications. The website is powered by Beyond Security Vulnerability assessment solutions AVDS.
  • Quttera: Quttera is a web Malware scanner plug in to scan your website for Trojans, backdoors, viruses, worms, shells, suspicious files phish tank and other threats and allow user safe browsing.
  • Web Inspector: Web inspector works as an important tool to scan your website and will provide thread reporting which includes Worms, Backdoors, Phishing, Blacklist, suspicious frames, and connections. So, go ahead and use these websites to run your websites securely, but it is necessary to have secure strong passwords because strong passwords are hard to guess out and to crack.
  • Detectify: Detective is a user-friendly website security scanner. It is Saas based scanner seamlessly integrates into the development process and analyzes the level of security of your website. The 100 plus automated security malware, suspicious files, viruses OWSAP and much more. You must be register to check the security performance of your website; you can also try 25 days free trial.
  • Site Guarding: Site guarding is a wonderful tool to catch any of the miss happening and threats to your website. It is a professional tool for your website, will detect malware, injected spam, defacements, website blacklisting and much more. It works on Joomla, Magento, Drupal, Bulletin and another platform.
  • Acunetix: Acunetix will complete analyses of website for more than 500 vulnerabilities it includes network infrastructure and DNS from Acunetix servers. You can avail the benefit of 14 days free trial.
  • Nets sparker Cloud: Netsparker cloud web application scan for more than 25 vulnerabilities. The security scanner is free for open source project and you can also request for trail run to scan. The platform is easy to use and will provide overall security report one you have registered and scan your domain.
  • Tin foil security: The website provide high quality website scanning. It first audits the website against top 10 OWASP vulnerabilities and afterwards at other security holes. It will consume 5 to 10 minutes for setting and you can scan your domain. You will get a report about the malware and viruses if in the website.
  • Passwords: The most common and strong way to secure your websites and online identity is a strong Password. While selecting a password go for something which is hard to crack or decode. Don’t use any of the personal information in form of password as they are easy to decode. To generate a secure strong password use the combination of numbers letters, uppercase /lowercase and symbols. Never share your passwords with anyone and always keep OTP authentication on. It will be great if you change your password few times in year.

Thus, it is easy to secure online identity if we take care of few things.


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