5 Ways in Which Artificial Intelligence is Changing the World

Artificial technology has become an integral part of the 21st century. Many of the operations in different industries from medical to financial to sales and retailing have now been automated and artificial intelligence is at the core of it all. We all thought that the advancement would take a bit longer, but what is out there today proves us wrong. The growth and development phase is right here with us and many have embraced it. Soon, we will see science shoot and experts become the base of all artificial intelligence developments. This is due to the limitless applications, developments, improvements and enhancement that artificial intelligence is capable of. Not all of it has been exploited yet and the rise of artificial intelligence is bound to increase with passing time. Here are the top five changes that artificial intelligence initiated:

1. Internet Search Option

Alphabet Google, one of Google’s routes used in searching information on the internet, is said to have noticed an increased artificial intelligence activity. The RankBrain artificial intelligence is one that is used to rank the results that are viewed once the user searches for information online. It determines the key variable in the search and determines the results that will be displayed. Of late, it has been said that RankBrain has acquired the ability to detect phrases or words that are unfamiliar to it, search for synonyms of the words or phrases and display results based on the outcomes. The results at the very end are filtered and ranked as they are displayed for the user to see. With the search algorithm adapting and checking for the meanings of phrases that are unfamiliar to it, offering results in other words that mean the same and filtering the results to obtain the most unthought-of answers. It is clear that artificial intelligence is at work.

2. Health Care Services

Artificially intelligent platforms such as virtual assistants have become an essential part of the health care system. In fact, artificial intelligence is used to treat some of the diseases that have presented huge challenges to the human population. This includes medical conditions such as cancer, diabetes etc. In some cases, the virtual assistants or agents are said to perform better medically or in advancing the manufacturing process used to manufacture medical drugs. Furthermore, research has been sped up and the results assessed using artificially intelligent agents. They also assess which areas that medical research is concerned about, the outcomes of each research area, and compares the outcomes to indicate the best research route to take. This has led to the reduction in the costs of offering treatment to cancer patients and if the progress continues on the same path, soon cancer medication and treatment costs will be halved and saving the nation’s expenditures and people’s lives in the process.

3. Facial Recognition

Security of information online has become one of the issues that many countries are working toward. In the same context, social media platforms such as facebook have purchased and implemented technologies on their platforms that will be used to search the phases of people on the internet and identify them from the origin of their countries. These technologies include DeepFace and FaceNet. They are said to use the photos of users posted on the social media platform as the base for their searches. In addition, artificial intelligence platforms are being developed with the capability of reading emotions of people aimed at determining their emotional states e.g. Emotient. Certainly, the technology can be said to have expanded in its application and as seen through the Emotient platform, artificial intelligence can do more with time.

4. Financial Services

This is one of the most sensitive business entities that artificial intelligence has not yet fully penetrated due to its high-security elements. The guarantee of security in regards to transactions especially when it comes to dealing with money can never be guaranteed with technology. However, on some other fronts, artificial intelligence can be used to assist in analyzing information, using the information to make informed business decisions such as investment decisions and trading in the stock exchange markets. With the trust and credibility awarded to artificial intelligence, it has the capability of reducing a business entity’s compliance costs, credibility risks and promotes proper financial services.

5. Agriculture

Many countries around the world depend on agriculture as their means of livelihoods. In addition, the changes in the weather and climate patterns do not help matters in the least. Artificial intelligence I believe can offer a suitable solution to such problems. It is pertinent that technology can be used in the growing of crops and treatment of soil to increase yield produced and improve irrigation capabilities. Furthermore, it can be used to improve quality and reduce the costs incurred when purchasing fertilizers.


Artificial intelligence is here to stay and the time we realize this and the capability it projects, the sooner we sit and formulate future strategies based on it. However, human intelligence is key and professionals in the area have to be developed and given the chance to work without interruptions.

Vivian Michaels

Vivian Michaels is a health and technology expert, who has written several articles for various websites. He is a Fitness coach by profession and likes to help people achieve their individual fitness goals.

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