Five Business Lessons To Learn From Successful Entrepreneurs

When we talk about the entrepreneurs, they come from diverse backgrounds and outshine in a particular business, product brand, culture and cohort. However, the most common thing that they all have is the steep learning curve to success along with the hard lessons learned all the way. So, what are the five lessons, brands can learn from successful entrepreneurs?

  1. Whenever You Fail, Accept It!

Kissmetrics – a winning analytics platform launched by Hiten Shah said, “I have instigated loads of failed products and the biggest failure was to spend $1 million of my money on the web hosting corporation that never been started off. We (I and my co-founder were perfectionists in our work, but we haven’t cared about what our customers want.”

So, never disappoint from your failures but FACE it.

  1. Stay Wide Awake To Catch New Opportunities

Honest Tea founder, Dr. Barry Nalebuff had started his company when he felt there’s a significant gap in the beverage marketplace. “Water was boring for me; soda was too sugary and carbonated drinks was an injurious option for health, so I started a new project. My business sparked when I was doing YOGA and met Oprah Winfrey. I got an opportunity to give her a sample of Honest Tea, and she later featured it in her journal. So, it’s always important that you’ve already prepared when opportunity strikes. You never know what works out!

  1. Don’t Stop Creating

Threadless, it’s a community website launched by Jack Nickell. The site was developed to vote for the designs created by the artists. “It was my passion for being creative,” said Nickell. I started this venture as a part-time project during my college days, and afterward, it became my full-time job. “As a matter of fact, nobody can foresee the output or what will happen tomorrow, but it has been just like making things and putting over there.” I’ve hired hundreds of employees and worked with thousands of designers all over the globe, but still our each task is creative in its way such as coding the website of the company.

So, never compromise on your dreams. Create things, pursue the careers you love irrespective of the consequences. It’s okay if you don’t have a perfect plan for it, that’s more than enough that you’re enjoying the process.

  1. Believing Yourself

Unruly Media – one of the top video advertising platform, launched by Sarah Wood. Currently, the company is working with the world’s top brands such as Dove, T-Mobile, and Renault and in the past two years the company’s sales have increased five times. Growing Business Awards awarded her as ‘Female Entrepreneur of the year.’ “In spite of all successes, I think people judge women differently. It’s very hard to go through all this. For a woman, being driven, smart, successful is never enough. People want to see your beauty as well.  So, never allow these perceptions roll over you. Just believe in your skills and abilities regardless of what others think of you,” she said.

  1. Reap The Financial Success By Giving Something Back To The World

TOMS – a shoe-making company, launched by Blake Mycoskie, who is a social entrepreneur as well. The basic concept of the business revolves around the idea of giving a pair of shoes to a poor child for each pair sold. He trademarked the company as ‘1 for 1’ concept. Currently, the enterprise valued $625 million. “ It’s always good to integrate a cause beyond profit. You’ll reap the benefits by giving something of value to the world as well. This way, you’ll make your customers your biggest marketers,” Mycoskie said.

So, delve into the opportunities where you can give something valuable to the world as well.


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