Analyzing Data with Pandas

The cool thing of analyzing data using Python Data Analysis Library, pandas. Pandas is an open source library providing high-performance, easy-to-use data structures and data analysis tool for the Python programming language.

First, installing Pandas using official Ubuntu repository. In my environment, i’m using Linux Ubunbu v18.x and run the following command to install Pandas.

sudo apt-get install python3-pandas

Here’s an example of running Pandas.

# Import pandas library
import pandas as pd

# load and read data, in this example from the command separated values (CSV)
df = pd.read_csv(‘website_visits.csv”)

# then display the data

And the result is shown below. on Data Science

Just a few codes and showing an structured data in readable format, that’s Data Science.

If you wan to learn Data Science, check out,, and other online courses. You can actually find Data Science courses everywhere.

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