Why Now Is the Perfect Time to Bring Your Employees Together with a Company Intranet

If you’ve ever wondered about a company intranet, then now might be the perfect time to invest in one.

A company intranet is a central space where you can bring your employees together, effectively communicate important messages, and ensure people feel valued within your organization. These aspects are vitally important at the moment, and they can make a big difference to your business.

Here’s why!

Guidance is Changing Rapidly
Government advice is very fluid in the face of the pandemic, and this has big consequences for businesses. Regulations can change almost weekly, and businesses need to be able to interpret new rules and communicate them effectively to their employees.

If you have an intranet with high engagement, then this is the ideal place to reach your employees and start to convey important information. Your intranet becomes a central hub for all the information they need.

Decentralized Work System
Far fewer companies are working in a traditional work set-up, which means they’re having to coordinate remote workers.

While people can work from home effectively in small teams, it is nice to have a central space where people can share ideas and feel like they are working as part of a whole and this is what your intranet offers. It’s hard to facilitate large scale communication when everyone is so spread out, but it is possible with a good intranet platform like this one.

Community in Difficult Times

Community is extremely important in difficult times, such as these. People spend huge chunks of their lives at work, and it’s not unusual for your company to be someone’s main sense of community.

When they become cut off from this, then it can be very difficult for them. It might be difficult to function as we do in normal times at the moment, but an intranet can make sure people still feel connected to that community.

Small things can go a long way and knowing you’re part of a strong community can help people – this is something you can achieve with your intranet.

Adjusted Goals
Businesses have naturally had to adjust their goals with everything that’s been happening, and they need ways to convey this to their employees. People need to know what they’re working towards, and an intranet is a good place to make sure this is happening.

The right content can give people the reassurances they need that your business is still striving to meet challenging targets whilst making the necessary adjustments to overcome new challenges.

A Light-Hearted Respite
Your intranet isn’t just there to inform; it’s also a great tool for entertainment. There are lots of different things you can do to get people involved with your intranet and give them a break from some of the difficult realities of the day.

Bring people together, get them engaging, and give them something to look forward to. There are no limits when you’re creative with your intranet content.

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