Are Gated Communities Really That Safe?

Home security has become one of our basic needs in today’s modern day, and it’s important to get the reviews for the best home security system for 2017 in order to know which system to put in your home. Security systems are important for those of us who want to feel safe at home, but when it comes to having the ultimate protection, people are looking to that of gated communities.

Based on a 2009 census, 10% of homes in the US are within gated communities, and they are estimated to be around 10 million to be built in gated communities in the near future.

We can see that people trust gated communities, but are they truly safe? That’s a question we will cover more today.

Safety of Gated Communities

In the past, gated communities were only exclusive for the rich. However, these days, people from a variety of income groups are also settling down in gated communities with safety in mind.

On the other hand, records from the police departments show that the crime rate in gated communities and in non-gated communities has no real significant difference. If that is the case, why do many people still prefer to live in a gated community? Are they aware of such data?

Nevertheless, most of those who moved to gated communities have felt increased security and privacy. To really determine whether or not it is safe to live in gated communities, it’s best to learn its pros and cons.

Advantages of Gated Communities

1. Limited Entry

In gated communities, only residents can enter. Typically, there are guards at the entrance and you need permission from a residence if you’re a guest.

2. Privacy

Since gated communities are limited to residents only; residents can enjoy further privacy as compared with non-gated communities. In addition, gated communities are quiet, so it’s easy to relax and relieve your stress at home.

3. Community of Like-Minded People

It’s good to live in a community of like-minded people. In gated communities, your neighbors may have the same reason as you when you moved there. Furthermore, it’s easier to trust your neighbors because they are the ones who also need security.

Disadvantages of Gated Communities

1. Security Staff Have Limitations

There are two types of gated communities; the first one is a community of which the gates are manned by security personnel. The second one is a community of which the gates are electronically operated.

In gated communities with security staff, it looks as though you are fully protected. However, security staff are not police, and have limitations to what they can and can’t do.

Another problem with having security staff in gated communities is that most security staff are not trained the way the police are. The worst thing is that some security personnel are not dedicated to their work like regular police may be.

2. The Police Can’t Respond Immediately

In gated communities of which the gates are electronically operated; the police can’t enter the community without someone first giving them entrance to the gate community.

3. Gated Communities Are the Primary Target of Burglars

Although gated communities are no longer for the rich only, they still have an impression that all such communities are for wealthy individuals. Therefore, burglars don’t have to look elsewhere.

Final Thoughts

Gated communities have many advantages, especially when it comes to privacy. However, they may fall short when it comes to providing genuine security, so it’s up to you to investigate what other security options are available before deciding that a gated community is best for you and your family.

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