12 Travel Tech Accessories To Invest In

A recent tech trend is that of travel tech. The industry is always adding new products for enthusiastic travelers to check out. It’s not just for backpackers either. Even if you’re a Cosmetic Consultant in Toronto and you’re off to a conference you can still find this information valuable.

I’ve spent the past three years of my life jet setting to places across the world. During that time I’ve had my ups and downs with tech. A lost iPhone in Nicaragua, an extra battery that’s saved my derriere more times than I can count, and a case that’s always been reliable against nicks and bumps. Here are my top travel tech accessories I think everyone should bring with them.

Power Converter/Plug Adaptor:

If you’re in Europe and you don’t have one of these, good luck trying to charge your devices. Many countries have their own unique plug and as a result we need to bring plug adaptors to still charge our device. Plug adaptors also have the ability to convert Europe’s 220v power to our devices 110v capabilities. You can buy a trusty plug adaptor online quite affordably.


If you run a VPN on your computer did you know you can also run one on your smartphone? TunnelBear is a free app that allows you to protect your wireless network and keeps your files safe from any hackers looking to target foreigners. If you don’t use lots of data the free version should suit you just fine. If you use quite a bit you may want to invest in the premium version.

Additional Hard Drive:

Everywhere I go I bring my camera and snap photos like a mad man. I’m constantly filling up my memory card and I don’t want to throw those photos on my laptop until I sort through them. My solution was to buy an extra hard drive. I found these to be surprisingly affordable and a great investment. Even if you only shoot videos and photos on your phone this is still a worthwhile investment if you fill up your memory often.

Extra Battery (Bonus Points For Solar):

If you rely on your smartphone for directions and other travel information then I highly suggest buying an extra battery. You never know when you might forget to plug in your phone or you happen to not be in a place where you can charge up your device. The extra battery will cover for you. Even a cheap $10 one should do the trick to get a single charge into your phone while you’re on the go. If you want to invest in a nice one you can pick up a solar charger.

Solid Cases:

Every device you bring should have a case on it, especially if you’re out in the country camping. I don’t trust airport workers to take care of my bags enough to keep my devices safe. Even if you carry your laptop onto the flight you may be asked to store it elsewhere. I’ve had this happen once on a small plane and was happy to have a case protecting it.

A Luggage Tracker:

Few things out there are worse than losing your luggage. Thankfully a few nifty companies have invented luggage trackers so you can always know where your bags are at.

The Selfie Stick:

Sure, the selfie stick has it’s fair share of haters. But it can also be pretty damn useful when you’re traveling. It makes for awesome landscape shots, group pictures, and for catching things that are just out of sight. I bring along my selfie stick on every trip and have found use for it more times than not. Plus, they’re lightweight and cheap. If you find that you don’t use it you can toss it.

Portable Travel Router:

Hotels and hostels rarely have great WiFi networks. Who wants to wait for Netflix to load? If you’re a digital nomad and find yourself on the road often investing in a portal router will serve you well. You’ll be able to create a faster and more reliable network anytime you need one. Not to mention the fact that it’s a lot safer for your devices, too.

Noise-Cancelling Headphones:

Travel sometimes feels like it’s mostly waiting around. At the airport, on a bus, for the train. Get through the long boring periods by using noise-cancelling headphones. A solid pair can be purchased for $40 and will serve you on all your trips. The only pain is finding one that fits comfortably along with all your gear. I found a pair that folds neatly so I can secure it.


In addition to noise-cancelling headphones, my favorite piece of travel tech is an app. I love Spotify Premium because I can create and download playlists. I always use this during flights where WiFi is crazy expensive. Spotify Premium only costs $15 per month and is well worth every penny.

Portable Speaker:

I bring along a small portable speaker, too. It makes for a fun impromptu get together for dancing and drinking when you’re in a hostel or out camping. Anytime you find some locals or other travelers to lounge with it helps to create an enjoyable environment to gather around and chat.

Small Locks:

The last thing I recommend are small locks to keep your zippers locked together. Pick pockets love going after easy targets and travelers are often the easiest. I carry a 64-L travel pack that has big pockets which are easy to pick through while I’m walking down a busy street or sitting on the bus. Small locks help to give me comfort knowing all my devices are safe.

Travel accessories are a worthy investment for those who find themselves on the go. Whether you’re backpacking India or simply going to the conference for FDA Consultants in California you’re going to find these accessories put your mind at ease. Best of all? Nothing on this list is particularly expensive either.

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