COMAN, Atlas and Cassie examples of Humanoid Robots

I love seeing humanoid robot being develop around the world not just by Boston Dynamics – Atlas. So here’s another one named COMAN short for Compliant Humanoid, though the walking still needs improvement. Watch the video.

“Walking on two legs isn’t as easy as it seems. Especially for robots, where a natural stride is a major challenge. Researchers at EPFL’s Biorobotics Laboratory are testing novel systems to improve humanoids’ ability to walk and interact”. More on

When I see humanoid robots, Boston Dynamics Atlas always comes to mind sorry Asimo.

And here’s Boston Dynamics – Atlas demo videos.

and this one.

And Cassie from Agility Robotics.

It’s amazing project. Are we close seeing Chappie in reality?

Atlast (Boston Dynamics) and Cassie (Agility Robotics) deserve their own post. Maybe next time 🙂


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