Insane Web Traffic – reached 1.3 Million views

Today is a special day, our network of websites have received an insane amount of web traffic. Our hosting service provider was able to managed to keep our network of websites up and running. This is one of those days that you received a heavy load of traffic coming from all over the world.

What is a heavy load of traffic?

For example, our daily traffic is around 2000 views and 500 visitors for the website. That fluctuate between 2000 to 3000 views, sometime goes up to 20000 views then go back down to it’s normal daily traffic.

For the last few days are special for our network of websites. The stats below is only for website.

Updated to included January 10 and 11 web traffic statistic.

January 11, 2018 website views and visitors. The web traffic today Jan 11, 2018 broken our previous record in number of views 1,300,302 and 518,492 visitors.

This is a big accomplishment for the keeping the website secure, hard work of maintenance, keeping our community friendly and provide quality contents so our visitors keeps coming back. Thank you very much.

January 10, 2018 website views and visitors. This is the first day we received 1 Million + views and 414,619 visitors.

January 9, 2018 website views and visitors.

And coming from Top 10 countries as sources including India, Indonesia, Thailand, Mexico, Russia, Brazil, Philippines, France, Pakistan and Algeria.

Normal network operations are coming from these countries e.g. Canada, United States, Germany, India, France, Brazil, United Kingdom, Mexico and Netherlands.

Visitors from India, Mexico, Brazil and France are always in the Top 10 countries who visited website.

What articles are they reading for the past few days? Here’s the Top 3 posted articles.

  1. COMAN, Atlas and Cassie examples of Humanoid Robots
  2. Management of Assets & Joint Ventures
  3. CAV.COM a short and brandable domain name

Are those traffic are valid or just another distributed denial of service commonly known as DDos against our website? It could be a denial of service though we have some activities going on in our network and Google Analytics seems to see it as real traffic.

I hope to see this traffic become steady, it’s about time to get more exposure of our hard works.

Enjoy these captured live traffic images.

And if you want to see the beauty of live traffic please go to our main page, scroll down to the bottom right column to see the live visitors coming from different countries.



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