Council – Community Bot by @Yehey

Welcome to web page and official home of @Council – Community Bot for Steem Blockchain, a project provided by @Yehey [ Witness ].

@Council – Community Bot still in BETA.
Members of the community can all chip in to power up the bot which will then go through the list of members and up vote the latest post by each.

How it works?

Right now, @Yehey initiated with 200 delegated Steem Powers (SP) to start the project. For example, Steve join and delegated 100 SP, Maria join and delegated 100 SP, and Bob also join and delegated 100 SP. The total voting power of @Council becomes 500 SP and will be use to upvote 100% to all the members with good content.

  • Imagine if we have a community of 100 members and delegated 100 SP each, that’s a 10,000 SP voting power with your 100 SP membership.
  • How about, a community of 1,000 members and delegated 100 SP each, that’s 100,000 SP voting power. Your vote becomes a whale. It’s time to celebrate and shout YEHEY!

I don’t know about you. I am certain I am not a Whale (yet), no whale friends, and not a member of “elite” group to upvote my posts. I work my a*s off to help the community get what they deserve. I hope you will recognize the value of this Community Bot service and join us.

Some post NOT allowed!

A simple rules.

  • I don’t support hates, adult (NSFW), hacking and malicious related article/post.
  • I don’t support “dmania” tag. I can’t consider it a good post.

How to join?

If everything is ACCEPTABLE with you after reading the above expectation. Here’s how you become a member. I created this short URL to simplify the process. The link will redirect to Steem Connect to complete your membership.

If you want to remove your membership and undelegate your 100 SP, use this link this will redirect to Steem Connect to ZERO your delegation. The Steem Blockchain will return your SP after 7 days, a standard process.

That’s it. Now, start posting article with quality content. Let’s steeming for a better future. And if you want to know other projects that help steemian, check out other projects listed below. For assistance, drop us a note at discord channel, our members and moderators are ready to help. - Community

Acknowledgement to @yabapmatt for sharing many useful programming codes. You don’t have to re-invent a wheel, it’s ready for you to use.

@Yehey Witness Projects

If you like what I do helping our community. Please Vote @YEHEY as your Witness.

Go to URL address then scroll down, type “yehey” and Vote.

I created a short URL to make it easier to vote. Please use this link to Vote – simply click and vote.

Let’s continue steeming to make a better future.
Thank you.

Image by Tumisu pixabay


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