How Advancements in Mobile Technology Have Positively Impacted Our Lives

When the first cell phone was released, it was shaped more like a brick than a phone and it pretty much only made calls. Now, thanks to advancements in technology, it seems like we use our cell phones for pretty much everything but phone calls. Sure, we stay in touch with our moms and bosses with our pocket-sized computers, but we use them to do so much more.

With this in mind, let’s look at how mobile devices are more innovative than ever, as well as how these advancements have had a positive impact on our work and personal lives.

Mobile platforms can learn about us and adapt

The mobile hardware inside your smartphone or tablet has evolved into a platform that can act as a personal assistant. Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845 Mobile Platform, for example, can gather information from your phone’s sensors, which allows users to take better pictures and videos, as well as move around better in the virtual world. For example, if you use your smartphone quite a bit for taking family photos, this feature will save a great deal of time as the sensors will pick up on movement, light, angles and other environmental qualities and adjust accordingly so you get the best shots possible. In addition, the mobile platform’s artificial intelligence (AI) feature learns and adapts to your voice and speech patterns, so you can use voice-activated controls to do tasks without having to sign in all the time. The Snapdragon mobile platform also offers an incredibly long battery life, which means if you use your smartphone for work, you won’t have to worry about your battery conking out in the middle of that important call. A long battery life is also important on the home front; for instance, if your child’s soccer practice is suddenly canceled, you don’t want a dead battery to prevent you from getting a call from your daughter asking to be picked up.

Proliferation of mobile apps

Another way cell phone technology has changed over the last decade is in regards to mobile apps. Apps quickly rose in popularity starting in about 2008, when smartphone platforms advanced enough to give consumers the chance to purchase and/or download apps from a single location (e.g., the Google Play store for Androids and Apple’s App Store), as well as store and run the apps on the devices.

While you can find plenty of recreational apps like games and music players, you can also download and use a number of apps that can help make you more productive at home and at work. For instance, rather than sitting at your desktop computer to access your bank accounts, you can download your bank’s app and pay bills while you are watching your son’s baseball practice. To stay on top of projects, emails and other tasks at work, there are a number of apps that help with productivity; Fast Company recently reviewed 25 of the best work-related apps, including Astro, which is an email assistant app, and Trello, which is a board-based project management app that lets you and your team stay up to date on your projects.

Capturing life’s moments

Smartphones have also had a positive impact on our lives through their amazing built-in cameras. Back in the days of film cameras, we tended to be more selective about what we would photograph. Now, thanks to these amazing cameras, and incredible accessories that we can add on, we can easily take as many photos as we want at family gatherings and vacations, capturing our memories forever. A smartphone camera can be useful in the work world as well; for example, by taking visual records of new equipment and their serial numbers. This way, if there is a break in and the equipment is taken, business owners will have pictorial proof of the missing goods.

Smartphones have come a long way

Smartphones and their internal technology have changed the way we live and work. Thanks to highly advanced mobile platforms, our phones are actually getting to know us. In addition, the latest technology supports our use of numerous apps and gives us incredible cameras to use at home and work. As time goes on, it will be interesting to see how else mobile tech advancements will benefit us — we will have to wait and see.

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